Welding of carbon steel

We weld carbon steel grade 10, 11 and 12. This type of steel is used for structural purposes within industry.

Carbon, or plain, steel has a characteristic carbon content up to 0.55%. Plain steel is used primarily in engineering and construction.

The following processes are used for steel welding:

  • arc welding with covered electrode (technique 111)
  • arc wire welding with active gas (CO2) shield (technique 135)
  • flux-cored wire metal-arc welding with active gas (CO2) shield (technique 136)
  • tungsten inert gas (argon) arc welding (technique 141)
  • oxy-acetylene welding (technique 311)

We have lengthy experience with welding steel. Our engineers will recommend the most appropriate process for welding carbon steel with the required output qualities.

TRIANGL® s.r.o. has a modern welding workstation. We put a great emphasis on our employees' qualifications. Modern technologies and the abilities of our welders are the key for strong and good-looking welds, which meet customer expectations.