We perform professional welding operations on stainless materials. Welding is usually a part of our production or additional modification to our products. Based on your requirements, we can provide custom welding of any components.

We weld parts with wall thicknesses up to 40 mm and component weights up to 10 tonnes. The maximum dimensions of welded parts are 15 m long and 2,500 mm in diameter.

We provide:

We use the following welding techniques:

  • arc welding with covered electrode (technique 111)
  • arc wire welding with active gas (CO2) shield (technique 135)
  • flux-cored wire arc welding with active gas (CO2) shield (technique 136)
  • tungsten inert gas (argon) arc welding (technique 141)
  • oxy-acetylene welding (technique 311)

TRIANGL® s.r.o. has established and uses welding processes compliant with ČSN EN ISO 3834-2:2006 and is certified under number 362/07/07/05/0 by TUV SUD CZECH PRAHA. Our welding operations follow the standards and regulations in force. As a result, all our products including weldments are certified.