Pressure vessels

TRIANGL® s.r.o. provides complete supplies of pressure vessels from design to manufacturing, delivery, and installation. We offer custom-made pressure vessels according to our customers' individual requirements.

Pressure vessels are designed for industrial uses in a wide temperature and pressure range. We will recommend a suitable material and design according to the requirements and future use of the vessel. We make pressure vessels from structural ferrite steels and stainless austenitic steels, which are both high-quality refined steels.

Application of pressure vessels:

  • gas storage
  • water storage for fire extinguishing or irrigation systems
  • tanks for water storage in heating systems
  • pressure increase in mechanical engineering
  • specific applications in the chemical and energy industries

We normally manufacture and supply the following pressure vessels:

  • single-shell pressure vessels
  • double-shell (duplex) pressure vessels
  • pressure vessels with heating coils
  • heat exchangers
  • pressure filters
  • buffer solution vessels

Pressure vessels are usually cylindrical but we are ready to comply with quite uncommon requirements regarding the shape, operating temperature or pressure.

Buffer solution vessels

In terms of their design, buffer solution vessels are normal pressure vessels (cylindrical with concave bottoms) made of carbon steel. In the course of internal reaction, adjustment of gas pH takes place. Due to this characteristic, they are useful in almost every chemical plant where gas is used or where gas is a waste product.

Pressure vessel manufacturing:

Pressure vessels are fitted with standardised structural elements such as necks, manholes, sight glasses, level gauges, and service valves and fittings. The surface of the pressure vessels is blasted by silica sand and provided with protection coating. The particular design always conforms to customer requirements. In the case of stainless pressure vessels, it is possible to implement pickling or blasting with ceramic balls. Pressure vessels may be ordered with thermal insulation or equipped with stirrers.

The design and production of pressure vessels complies with approved standards and regulations. Design approval and testing is performed by an authorised body pursuant to Act no. 22/97 Coll. and related regulations and amendments (design under ČSN 69 0010) or the AD Merkblatt with TÜV approval and supervision. TRIANGL® s.r.o. has acquired and maintains a number of other certificates proving the quality of our work.