Non-pressure vessels

TRIANGL® s.r.o. provides complete supplies of non-pressure vessels from design to manufacturing and installation.

We offer custom-made non-pressure vessels made according to our customers' individual requirements. 

Non-pressure vessels are intended for both industrial use and use in other areas. Suitable vessel material and design are determined according to the requirements and future application. Non-pressure vessels are made of structural ferrite steel, stainless austenitic steel, titanium, nickel and their combinations.


Application of non-pressure vessels

They are used as storage tanks for various liquids in the chemical industry and other areas (e.g., agriculture, nature protection, etc.).

In addition, they are used as measuring tanks, mixing tanks, vats, etc.

We normally manufacture and supply non-pressure vessels as:

  • single-shell
  • double-shell if required
  • vessels with either internal or external heating coils
  • vessels with stirrers

The shape of the vessels are primarily (for strength reasons) cylindrical, but square vessels or other shapes may be produced as well. 

Non-pressure vessels are provided with standard structural elements, service openings, sight glasses, and service valves and fittings.

The surface finish of vessels is according to customer requirements. 

The design and production of non-pressure vessels complies with approved standards and regulations associated with ČSN 69 00 15, etc.