Lead containers

TRIANGL® s.r.o. manufactures and supplies cast and machined lead containers for the transport or storage of radioactive substances.

Lead is a heavy metal capable of absorbing nuclear radiation and thus protects people against exposure. Lead containers are used for storing or carrying radioactive materials. Lead containers are most often used in research, the energy industry and medicine, but they may be used wherever people come into contact with radioactive substances. There are standard types of lead containers.

Our basic range includes the following types of containers:

  • OK 25 container
  • OK 36 container
  • TK strongbox
  • TH strongbox
  • TKS 50 cover
  • KT 10 container
  • OK 30 container

TRIANGL® s.r.o. offers custom-made lead containers. Based on your requirements we will design and manufacture a container of non-standard dimensions or with other specific characteristics.

Production of lead containers

Lead containers are made according to well-proven standardised designs. Our well-established design procedure perfectly screens radioactive waves from all directions. We use PbSb3 lead for production. We cast containers by gravity casting into steel ingot moulds with subsequent machining. The final treatment always follows customer requirements.