Sumps and Prandtl tubes

TRIANGL® s.r.o. manufactures technical equipment for industrial use. Among other products, we offer sumps and Prandtl tubes for flow rate and differential pressure metering. This measuring method has a long tradition and its accuracy is its greatest advantage.

A Prandtl tube is a thin tube usually with double shelling. The tube orifice faces against the flow of the medium. The measurement method is based on the difference between the total and static pressure. The Prandtl tube shape takes into account the physical principle consisting in the fact that the pressure on a paraboloid surface equals zero.


We normally produce one-piece fixed tubes. However, we can also meet special customer requirements. We manufacture custom-made sumps and Prandtl tubes according to specific characteristics and requirements of particular plants.

We make the equipment from stainless durable materials, most often titanium and its alloys. Prandtl tubes may be designed as telescopic or collapsible; such tubes are more convenient for measuring inside large diameters.