Venturi tubes

TRIANGL® s.r.o. supplies stainless Venturi tubes and accessories. Equipment is custom-made for particular heating plants or power plant incinerators.
Venturi tubes are used for changing the physical properties of media passing through them. They are primarily used for measuring the pressure in heating plants and for cleaning flue gases in incinerators. The purpose of these devices places high demands on the used material. Triangl makes Venturi tubes of highly corrosion-proof materials.

Materials used:

  • all-titanium
  • from austenitic steels
  • from duplex steels
  • rubberised or spray-coated steel


Product design and technical parameters are always dealt with in cooperation with customers. Equipment is custom made and the final product is thus maximally adapted to your requirements and the specifications of the particular plant. The most suitable material is used based on an agreement between our corrosion engineer and the customer.

We commonly manufacture:

  • square Venturi tubes with slot control
  • conical Venturi tubes with gas rotation