Pressure vessels and piping for fly ash transport

Pressure vessels and piping for transport of fly ash belong to the essential equipment without which no operations are possible in the energy industry. TRIANGL® s.r.o. specialises in the production of such equipment, in which we place emphasis on the unique characteristics of plants and customer requests. We solely utilise first-rate high-grade steel.

We make pressure vessels and piping from:

  • structural ferritic steels
  • stainless austenitic steels

We normally manufacture and supply the following pressure vessels:

  • single-shell pressure vessels
  • double-shell (duplex) pressure vessels
  • pressure vessels with heating coils
  • heat exchangers
  • pressure filters

In most cases, we supply our customers with oval pressure vessels but we are ready to accommodate any non-standard customer requirements or requests.


Our range of products also includes standardised structural accessories for vessels and piping. These are for example orifices, manholes, sight glasses, level gauges, and service valves and fittings. Upon request we can provide pressure vessels with thermal insulation. We offer a whole range of possibilities for vessel surface finishes: blasting with silica sand, protective coating, pickling, and blasting with ceramic balls. The method of surface finish treatment is chosen by the customer. Piping for the transport of fly ash is also custom-made. The customer chooses the piping material, shape, length, and valves and fittings for it. TRIANGL® s.r.o. provides a comprehensive service from the design to installation in a heating plant.