Flue duct parts

TRIANGL® s.r.o. produces custom-made flue ducts for all types of fuel. We will design and produce flue ducts and accessories in order to prevent heat loss.

Flue ducts are used for exhausting flue gases from boilers in heating plants or incinerators to smoke stacks. A smoke stack may seem the least important part of a heating plant, but that would be a mistake. A flue duct must be designed so as to prevent heat loss and loss of flue gas pressure.

We supply the following flue ducts:

  • single-casing flue ducts
  • insulated flue ducts
  • fixed flue ducts
  • flexible flue ducts


Flue ducts are custom-made for the boiler used by the heating plant or incinerator. We always consult the production process with the customer. You decide as to what type of material or surface finish is to be used. We also manufacture accessories and small flue duct components.

Production is controlled in conformity with the ČSN 73 4201 standard.