Condensing vessels

The TRIANGL® s.r.o. production programme also includes stainless condensing vessels intended for industrial use. We manufacture custom-made vessels to perfectly suit the needs of your plant.

Condensing vessels are used for measuring steam flow-rate, and provide continuous filling of the process line by steam condenser. For this reason, condensing vessels are placed as close as possible to the outlets from orifice plates. Due to their position, erroneous pressure differentiation is excluded, which might occur owing to the different static head.


We supply various types of condensing vessels according to the pressure with which they are to be operated. We normally manufacture two types of vessels – single-chamber and double-chamber vessels. The material and shape of condensing vessels, their durability and other properties are chosen following agreement with customers. We can virtually meet any unusual requirements.

Entire production follows legal regulations and standards. All condensing vessels are approved and certified.