Storage tanks

TRIANGL® s.r.o. supplies complete stainless steel equipment for chemical and industrial plants. Our product range includes titanium and stainless steel storage tanks for materials and chemicals.

We make storage tanks from:

  • titanium
  • steels lined with titanium sheet
  • high-grade steels
  • nickel alloys

We manufacture the following types of storage tanks:

  • process tanks
  • retention tanks


The production of tanks is subject to our customers' requests. Based on your requirements, we will design and supply tanks of all shapes and volumes. We make storage tanks from stainless materials. The surface is treated by grinding, pickling and blasting with ceramic balls. The final appearance and treatment is chosen by the customer.

Tanks may be complemented with a series of additional items. The list of these items is provided below. Accessories are chosen by customers or they may be configured by our designers with regard to the use of the tank.

Storage tank accessories:

  • stirrers
  • mechanical seals
  • lids and bottoms
  • measuring and regulating devices
  • manholes
  • cleaning elements
  • duplicators for heating or cooling
  • venting valves
  • insulation