Heating and cooling coils and accumulators

TRIANGL® s.r.o. produces and supplies all-titanium and stainless steel welded coils and accumulators intended for heating and cooling baths (e.g., galvanising baths). Titanium coils and accumulators excel with their long service life and ability to operate in aggressive media.


  • heating and cooling of galvanising baths
  • heating and cooling of aggressive chemical baths (particularly chlorine chemistry)

We recommend that the use of individual materials for the given types of baths be consulted with a qualified corrosion engineer.


Heating and cooling coils and accumulators are custom-made. When ordering standard series accumulators, you can use the type list from the Heating and cooling coils catalogue sheet. The standard production series consists of five types of accumulators designed and manufactured according to their use in heating baths. Dimensions and quantity are always determined by the customer. Accumulators are always custom-made for the particular dimensions of the customer's vats.

Heating and cooling coils and accumulators are designed as weldments made of Grade 2 titanium or any stainless or structural steel. Our engineers will recommend the most suitable material for your order. We provide products with (stainless) steel flanges or titanium or steel sleeves, or unions if required, etc.; these accessories allow the connecting of coils and accumulators.

We commonly manufacture the following heating/cooling coils and accumulators:

  • round accumulators
  • single or multiple coils and spirals
  • special non-standard shapes