Galvanising and pickling cages

TRIANGL® s.r.o. produces and supplies all-titanium welded cages designed particularly for electro-galvanising processes. Titanium cages are characterised by their long service life and ability to operate in aggressive media.

The cages are used as anode parts for insertion of the plating medium (e.g., nickel). They may also be used for insertion of small parts into rinsing or cleaning baths wherever an aggressive environment requires the use of highly resistant materials.


Galvanising cages are custom-made. The most commonly used and ordered types of cages are dispatched from the manufacturer's warehouse. In terms of design, anode cages are weldments made of Grade 2 titanium.

The standard production range includes square cages with a 1 mm titanium sheet frame. Cage walls are made of expanded titanium metal. The cages are provided with titanium suspensions. The cage dimensions, including suspension length, are determined by the customer.

The standard range includes the following galvanising cages:

  • cages of cylindrical and other shapes
  • replacing expanded metal with perforated sheet
  • special modifications to cage suspension

Based on specific customer requirements, we can even design and manufacture non-standard cage shapes.