Titanium fans

TRIANGL® s.r.o. provides supplies of titanium and stainless fan wheels and housing. Triangl will process your order in a comprehensive way from equipment design and its production to delivery and installation on site.

Applications of titanium fans:

Fan wheels and housing as air-conditioning system components are used primarily for the exhausting of fumes from aggressive substances, e.g., vapours of hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, chlorine vapours, etc. Fans are used primarily in chemical plants. With regard to the use of fans, our engineers choose highly corrosion-resistant materials for their production.

We custom-make fans and accessories according to particular customer requirements. Customers are also provided with consultations with a qualified corrosion engineer. The engineer will recommend what material is to be used for the fan in order to best suit your plant.

We primarily manufacture the following fans:

  • all-titanium
  • from austenitic steels
  • from duplex steels

In terms of their design, fan wheels are weldments with a hub, base plate and a single or double array of vanes. Strength calculations respect the operational loading of wheels, and all the wheels are in static and dynamic balance. Fan wheel housing then directs the flow of incoming gases and secures the connection of the wheel with the air-conditioning system.

Fan wheels and housing are usually made without a surface finish; in the case of stainless wheels and housing, the surface may be pickled.